The most important tasks of the Center include:

  • promotion of Polish science by organizing conferences, symposia, seminars, lectures, meetings, exhibitions and scientific events in general
  • development of scientific cooperation between Poland, France and francophone countries developing scientific and cultural Polish-French relations
  • helping scientists from the Polish Academy of Sciences plus interns, fellows, and students arriving in France from Polish universities or other academic institutions for research or educational purposes.


Access the library catalogue [plik xls]

For further information, please contact us: secretariat@paris.pan.pl​

Library of the Scientific Academy of Sciences was created from scratch since 1947. However, due to the complicated situation of PAU and related organizational changes, as well as the difficult housing conditions, material and human resources to function intermittently and has been repeatedly reorganized. Repeatedly books from its collections were transferred to the country, for example in 1971 a valuable Polonica (including prints of the Great Emigration ) were transferred to the Library of Sciences in Kórnik.

The collection consists mainly of items purchased after 1970. The library specializes in documenting the historical and cultural associations of France and Polish, Polish place in modern Europe, the history of Polish science and its achievements, the diversity of Polish cultural heritage: literature, language, art, music, etc. Stock is constantly updated.

For several years, the library is constantly improved. Computer database catalog is available online.

The library collection numbers some 13,000 volumes of books and 100 journal titles (including about 50% of the titles updated regularly).