The most important tasks of the Center include:

  • promotion of Polish science by organizing conferences, symposia, seminars, lectures, meetings, exhibitions and scientific events in general
  • development of scientific cooperation between Poland, France and francophone countries developing scientific and cultural Polish-French relations
  • helping scientists from the Polish Academy of Sciences plus interns, fellows, and students arriving in France from Polish universities or other academic institutions for research or educational purposes.



Kamil Szafranski

Kamil Szafrański, PhD

+33 1 56 90 18 34

Kamil Szafrański obtained his Master degree in molecular and cell biology in 2008 and PhD in marine microbiology in 2014, both at Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris. His PhD research focused on the life cycles of chemosynthetic bacterial symbionts associated with bivalves from deep-sea chemosynthesis-based ecosystems. He participated in three cruises on Mid-Atlantic Ridge, where he performed in vivo experiments on Bathymodiolus mussels recovered at hydrothermal vents and maintained on board in high-pressure aquariums. After a 2-year post-doc in microbial ecology in the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Orsay, he became the coordinator of the international scientific program InterRidge – International Cooperation in Ocean Floor Studies, under French presidency (2017-2020). Since April 2020, he is a director of the Scientific Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Paris, promoting Polish science and developing Polish-French scientific and cultural relations. His personal interests are traveling and DIY: mechanics & computing, he is also an enthusiast of rail & air transport.

Scientific team

Adam Knapik, PhD

+33 1 56 90 18 40

Adam Knapik is a graduate of Romance languages studies, political scientist, Doctor of Humanities at the University of Silesia and University of Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris – 3, scholarship holder of the French Government, the author of a doctoral dissertation on creating the image of popular contemporary writers in France. Now he is particularly interested in the phenomenon of Francophonie. Adam has been working for the Polish Academy of Sciences since January 2018. During the first two years he was an expert in the Polish Science Contact Agency in Brussels, responsible for budget executing and cooperation with the local associations. At present he occupies the position of Polish-French scientific cooperation coordinator in the Scientific Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Paris.

Natalia Pstrąg

+33 1 56 90 18 49

Natalia Pstrąg graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Faculty of Biology with specialization: Biotechnology in English (2010). She is currently writing her PhD thesis in the field of membrane proteins in cancer at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań in collaboration with Institute Cochin in Paris. She was awarded the French Government scholarship in 2018. Her thesis is scheduled for defense in early 2021. She is also active in non-profit organization NGSchool, whose mission is promotion of science. Her research interests are cancer studies, protein and DNA biology, molecular biology and sequencing.

Magdalena Sajdak, PhD

+33 1 56 90 18 37

Magdalena Sajdak graduated from Poznan University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture with specialization: Environmental Protection (2008) and obtained Ph.D. Eng. in 2012 in the field of biomass assessment at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Since 2013 she works as an assistant professor at the Wood Technology Institute, Bioenergy Department and since 2018 as a project officer at the Scientific Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Paris. Her research interests are biomass, ecosystem services, green infrastructure, urban forestry, solid biofuels and bioenergy.

Administrative team

Agnieszka Bielska

+33 1 56 90 18 35

Maria Ciepła

+33 1 56 90 18 35

Michał Jadach

+33 1 56 90 18 39

Bogusław Przybycień

+33 1 56 90 18 38


Access the library catalogue: .xlsx file

For further information, please contact us: secretariat@paris.pan.pl​

Library of the Scientific Academy of Sciences was created from scratch since 1947. However, due to the complicated situation of PAU and related organizational changes, as well as the difficult housing conditions, material and human resources to function intermittently and has been repeatedly reorganized. Repeatedly books from its collections were transferred to the country, for example in 1971 a valuable Polonica (including prints of the Great Emigration ) were transferred to the Library of Sciences in Kórnik.

The collection consists mainly of items purchased after 1970. The library specializes in documenting the historical and cultural associations of France and Polish, Polish place in modern Europe, the history of Polish science and its achievements, the diversity of Polish cultural heritage: literature, language, art, music, etc. Stock is constantly updated.

For several years, the library is constantly improved. Computer database catalog is available online.

The library collection numbers some 13,000 volumes of books and 100 journal titles (including about 50% of the titles updated regularly).