interim Director

Magdalena Sajdak, PhD

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Magdalena Sajdak graduated from Poznan University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture with specialization: Environmental Protection (2008) and obtained Ph.D. Eng. in 2012 in the field of biomass assessment at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Since 2013 she works as an assistant professor at the Wood Technology Institute, Bioenergy Department and since 2018 as a project officer at the Scientific Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Paris. Her research interests are biomass, ecosystem services, green infrastructure, urban forestry, solid biofuels and bioenergy.

Scientific Team

Natalia Pstrąg

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Natalia Pstrąg graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Faculty of Biology with specialization: Biotechnology in English (2010). She is currently writing her PhD thesis in the field of membrane proteins in cancer at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań in collaboration with Institute Cochin in Paris. She was awarded the French Government scholarship in 2018. Her thesis is scheduled for defense in early 2021. She is also active in a non-profit organization NGSchool, whose mission is the promotion of science. Her research interests are cancer studies, protein and DNA biology, molecular biology, and sequencing.

Agnieszka Pudlis, PhD

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Agnieszka Pudlis – art historian, literature scholar, translator and poet – graduated from the University of Warsaw Humanities department in Interdepartmental Studies. In 2011 she received her Ph. D. from the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences (“Francesco Algarotti and his Discours on Painting). She cooperated with, among others, The Grand Theater of the National Opera in Warsaw, Polish Television, Polish Radio, etc. She mainly translates early literature (15th-19th centuries) with a specialization in opera libretti, poetry and vocal lyrics.

As a researcher, she specializes in research of Polish-Italian and Polish-French relations during the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and art theory, with particular emphasis on early contacts and mutual influences between the cultures of the West (Europe) and the Far East (China and Japan), the history and resources of Far Eastern porcelains collections in Europe, cooperating as an expert and organizer of exhibitions with numerous museums and scientific institutions (including Museo Correr in Venice, Museo delle Civiltà in Rome, Royal Castle in Warsaw, etc.). Currently, she is preparing her habilitation dissertation.

Administrative Team

Agnieszka Bielska


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Maria Ciepła

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Adam Knapik, PhD

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Łukasz Piętka

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