Polish-French mobility – opportunities for French students and researchers

Are you a French student or researcher and you dream of broadening your scientific horizons? Do you want to explore new research perspectives and develop your skills in an international environment? Or perhaps benefit from research infrastructure not available in your country?

Join our webinar, where we will unveil the possibilities of scientific mobility between Poland and France!

What to expect?

  1. Mobility Programme Offers: The National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA), the National Science Centre (NCN), Campus France will present their mobility programmes for French students, PhD students, and young researchers. You will learn about the wide range of funding opportunities and support for your research adventure abroad.
  2. Q&A Session: The webinar will provide a unique opportunity to ask questions to the experts. You will learn about the programme details, the application criteria, and address any doubts you may have about scientific mobility.

Why should you benefit from mobility programmes?

  1. New Research Perspectives: Scientific mobility opens doors to new research perspectives, methodologies, and technologies that can inspire your research and lead to scientific breakthroughs.
  2. Intercultural Development: Living and working abroad is not only about professional growth, but also personal development. You will encounter new people, different cultures and ways of thinking, enriching your life in many ways.
  3. Increasing Competitiveness in the Job Market: Experience abroad is invaluable to employers. Demonstrating academic mobility showcases your flexibility, courage, and willingness to learn.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore a wide range of possibilities to travel to France for international experience and contacts.

See you there!


10 Apr 2024


09:00 - 11:40