Current challenges in the diagnosis and treatment of selected endocrinopathies

The Polish Academy of Sciences Scientific Center in Paris invites you to attend the conference “Current Challenges in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Selected Endocrinopathy”. The conference will be held between September and October 2024. The conference will be held in English.

We cordially invite researchers up to 35 years of age to send abstracts and CVs by 10th July 2024 (Wednesday) midnight to

The conference aims to explore new recommendations in the etiopathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of endocrine diseases, including endocrine oncology. The event will cover new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies used in selected endocrine issues in children and adults. It will also provide an opportunity for the exchange of experience between the Polish and French scientific communities.

The conference program will include, among others, the following topics:

  • detection and treatment of thyroid cancer, adrenal and pituitary diseases;
  • the use of modern molecular and radiological tests, immunological and radical therapy, as well as modern surgery and radioablation;
  • care and monitoring of oncology patients;
  • diagnosis and care of a pediatric patient with nodular goiter / thyroid cancer, growth disorders and type 1 diabetes in the scope of modern recommendations;
  • prospects for the development of cooperation in the field of modern diagnostic strategies in oncological endocrinology.

The participation of an international group of outstanding experts researching the above issues will allow for the exchange of experiences between scientists. It will also enable other participants to learn about the possibilities of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies at the highest world level, from the molecular aspect to unique immunotherapy.

The conference is co-organized by the Polish Academy of Sciences Scientific Center in Paris and Prof. Artur Bossowski, head of the Department of Pediatrics, Endocrinology and Diabetology with the Cardiology Divisions of the Medical University of Białystok. Prof. Bossowski is also a Member of the Presidium of the Committee of Human Development of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

All details, including the date and list of speakers, will be published soon.


20 Sep 2024


10:00 - 17:00