Polish-French symposium on new regulations of reproduction: the role of adipokines

The increase in the incidence of infertility and the social costs are the starting point for a global discussion on the search for optimal system solutions, increasing the chances of improving the effectiveness of the prevention and treatment of infertility. The current research focuses on the discovery and description of new markers of fertility – adipokines, and the proper regulation of reproductive function in order to increase the fertility of animals. Adipokines are adipose tissue hormones that have pleiotropic action in the body, including regulation of appetite and satiety processes, energy homeostasis of the organism, metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. Metabolic disorders and infertility are observed in people with excessive amounts of adipose tissue. The secretion profile of adipokines is altered in obese patients, therefore it is believed that adipokines may constitute the link between obesity and impaired fertility.

The topics discussed during the meeting will include various issues related to the role of adipokines in the regulation of fertility at the central (hypothalamus – pituitary) and peripheral (gonads, uterus, placenta) levels in normal and pathological conditions.

The symposium will also be an opportunity to discuss the practical application of current knowledge on adipokines in the reproductive system. A special accent will be the cooperation between biologists, veterinarians and gynecologists from Poland and France in a wider international context.


20 Oct 2022


Centre Scientifique Académie Polonaise des Sciences
74, rue Lauriston – 75116 Paris