In July and August, Paris will host one of the most important sporting events – the 2024 Summer Olympics. It is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of athletes from all over the world, their hard work and the sacrifices they make in preparation for competing. However, it is often not only the hard work of the athletes that is behind sporting successes, but also the scientific research and technological solutions that help bring out their maximum potential.

The international scientific community is increasingly investing in basic and applied research for the development of sport. New solutions lead to better results for individual athletes and, over time, are disseminated and used by society. There is a growing trend in the sports and medical community to monitor physiological functions and human performance during activity. Sports devices equipped with sensor technology are becoming effective tools for assessing physical activity and are becoming embedded in personal devices and can be widely used.

Today, many scientific disciplines have research potential for the benefit of sport, and materials science, physics, chemistry, biology or psychology are often crucial to the its’ development. The proposed conference Sports-Science-Tech – Polish Scientific Achievements aims to showcase Polish scientific achievements intended for sport as part of the so-called ‘technological background’ and to promote Polish technical thought on the occasion of a unique event of global reach, such as the Olympic Games.

The event will bring together representatives from sport, business and science to discuss current trends in research and sport and present examples of successful technological implementations.

Conference co-organised with the Institute of Oceanology PAS

Event agenda to be announced soon


12 Sep 2024


09:30 - 16:00