The post-war period known in France as the “30 glorieuses” was 70 years of peace, economic development, freedom, which provoked in the West the emergence of new utopias: ubiquitous democracy, the end of wars, the punishment of dictators. Now, the brutally provoked war in Ukraine has entailed a return to a harsh reality in which evil exists, always mixed with good, and in which democracies are won by struggle in an atmosphere of fear.

The conference brought together political philosophers, writers and anthropologists from various European countries and set out to answer the complex and difficult question – what does the current situation mean for East-West relations in Europe?

The event, consisting of four thematic sessions, featured prominent speakers from France (including Prof. Joanna Nowicki of CY Cergy Paris Université and Chantal Delsol of Institut de France), Poland (including Dr Andrzej Leder, Prof. of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences), but also Ukraine (including Dr Antoine Arjakovsky of Collège des Bernardins in Lviv), in order to provide an even better perspective on the realities of a society affected by war.