On 11-13 October, the International Conference “Brain ageing, neurodegeneration and the role of natural molecules in maintaining brain health” was held at the Scientific Station of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Paris. The event was co-organised by the Karol Marcinkowski Poznań Medical University in Poznań, the University of Bordeaux and the Jerzy May Institute of Pharmacology of PAN.

The Station hosted eminent scientists from all over Europe who shared their experiences and research results, which included the action of the brain-gut axis, the neuroprotective role of phytochemicals and their metabolites, the role of urolithin A, the impact of nutrition on the brain, and the role of nanocarriers for effective delivery of nutraceuticals to the brain. Thus, a platform for the exchange of ideas was created, which we hope will contribute to the development of effective neuroprotective therapies. This is particularly important in the prevention of neurodegradative diseases, which have already become diseases of civilisation.


Date of the event: 13-15 October 2023

Place of the event: Polish Academy of Sciences Scientific Center in Paris (74, rue Lauriston)


Organising Committee:

Małgorzata Kujawska, Ph.D., Karol Marcinkowski Poznań Medical University

Grzegorz Kreiner, PhD, Institute of Pharmacology of the Jerzy Maj PAS

Anna Olczak, Polish Academy of Sciences, Scientific Station in Paris