The resonance of Joseph Conrad in the 21st century

Joseph Conrad-Korzeniowski was a writer shaped by various cultures – first of all Polish, French and English but also German and Russian. His life and fiction have been influencing cultures all over the world for almost a hundred years. The purpose of the symposium is to investigate the resonance of the figure of Joseph Conrad in the 21 century. Many critics (for ex. Chinua Achebe, Terry Eagleton, Hillis Miller, Adward Said), philosophers and thinkers (for ex. Jacques Rancière, Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe), film producers (for ex. Francis Ford Coppola, Rogerio Nunes, Gerald Conn, Ingmar Villqist, Tomasz Man), musicians (for ex. Tarik O’Regan, Philip Glass, Tadeusz Baird, Krzesimir Dębski) and writers (for ex. Caryl Phillips, John Maxwell Coetzee, Mario Vargas Llosa, Ewa Kuryluk, Jacek Dukaj, Patrick Deville) responded to his works. Thus one of the symposium objectives is to disseminate the responses to Conrad’s fiction on an international scale and, last but not least, propagate the understanding of his Polish heritage. To enhance the effects of the symposium and consolidate the knowledge of the influence of Conrad on contemporary world culture, a volume of essays that the participants have prepared for the conference will be published.




28 - 29 Sep 2023


Centre Scientifique Académie Polonaise des Sciences
74, rue Lauriston – 75116 Paris