On 10 April, the Polish Academy of Sciences Scientific Center in Paris organised a webinar to discuss the rich Polish-French mobility offer for students, doctoral students and researchers.

During the meeting, Polish institutions such as the National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA), Campus France and the National Science Centre (NCN) presented their mobility programmes, opening up a wide spectrum of educational and research opportunities for Polish students and researchers coming to France and for foreigners who would like to carry out studies or research in Poland .

Additionally, two associations – Association des Polonais des Grandes Ecoles Françaises (APGEF) and Association des Étudiants Polonais en France (ASPOL), which provide support and integration for Polish students and graduates in France, also presented their activities.

The interest in the webinar, which attracted more than 350 participants, perfectly illustrates the attractiveness of France as a destination for Polish students and researchers. This is also confirmed by international rankings, in which France ranks among the top ten countries receiving researchers, leading also in terms of the quality of published scientific papers. A research trip to France is therefore a unique opportunity to establish valuable contacts and conduct research in renowned centres.

We encourage you to find out more about the materials of French associations and institutions offering mobility that can facilitate your application for a research trip abroad. In the Q&A section, you will also find answers to questions to the speakers that were asked during the webinar.

We would like to thank all participants for attending the meeting and encourage you to apply for funding for research trips that will contribute to building scientific cooperation between Poland and France!

Q&A – mobility to Poland


Presentations with information on institution’s mobility programmes:

Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange

Ulam NAWA, Zawacka NAWA, Poland My First Choice, Polonium

Presentation 1 Presentation 2